1st Price Final RaceWorld Championship, Mira Portugal, 2013 

5th Price Final Race, World Championship, Fritzlar, Germany, 2008

26th Price Final Race, World Championship, Beijing, China, 2000


16th Price Main Race, South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2013 

49th Price Main Race, South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2016

64th Price Main Race, South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2016

4th Price Hot Spot Car Race, South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2015 

309th Price Main Race, South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2015


1st price Scandinavian Longdistance Championship 2006


Norwegian Champions 2016

Norwegian Champions 2012 

Norwegian Champions 2010 

Norwegian Champions 2009 

Norwegian Champions 2002 


Longdistance Champion 2014 

Longdistance Champions 2012 

Longdistance Champions 2011 

Longdistance Champions 2006 


Middledistance Champions 2011 

Middledistance Champions 2010 

Middledistance Champions 2009 

Middledistance Champions 2004 

Middledistance Champions 2003 


Shortdistance Champions 2016

Shortdistance Champions 2010 

Shortdistance Champions 2000


Yearling Champions 2016

Yearling Champions 2010 


Sprint Champions 2016

Sprint Champions 2009 


National Results 2016

Fam Lindberg

1st Norwegian Championship

1st Shortdistance Championship

1st Yearling Championship

1st Sprint Championship

1st National Ace Cock , N 002-15-752 "Yoda"

2nd Longdistance Championship

2nd National Ace Hen, N 14-541

4th Middledistance Championship

4th National Ace Cock, N 002-15-749

5th National Ace Cock, N 14-861

5th National Ace Hen, N 002-15-360

8th National Ace Hen, N 100-15-1617

9th National Ace Cock, N 14-922

11th National Ace Cock, N 100-15-1620

13th National Ace Cock, N 002-15-332

13th National Ace Hen, N 002-15-731

15th National Ace Hen, N 100-15-1619

16th National Ace Hen, N 002-15-348

17th National Ace Hen, N 002-15-754

18th National Ace Hen, N 002-15-755

19th National Ace Hen, N 14-891


National Results 2015

Snorre Lindberg

2nd Longdistance Championship

4th Middledistance Championship

4th National Ace Cock, N 13-765

5th Norwegian Championchip

7th Shortdistance Championship 

11th National Ace Cock, N 14-895

12th Yearling Championship

13th National Ace Cock, N 14-861

15th National Ace Cock, N 13-825

36th Sprint Championship


Marianne Walente

Winner of C.S Pettersens Memorial Price, with N 14-881h, with the speed, 1219,80 mpm from Dorothea 11.07.15

5th Longdistance Championship

5th National Ace Cock, N 14-873

6th National Ace Cock, N 14-922

9th National Ace Cock, N 14-881

10th Norwegian Championship

11th National Ace Hen, N 14-891

14th Middledistance Championship

15th Shortdistance Championship

26th Yearling Championship

35th Sprint Championship 


National Results 2014


Snorre Lindberg

1st price Winner Longdistance Championship

6th price Winner National Ace Cock

7th price Winner National Ace Hen, N 13-335

11th Norwegian Championchip

14th Middledistance Championchip

14th Shortdistance Championchip

14th National Ace Hen, N 12-320


Marianne Walente

4th Price Winner Longdistance Championship

8th 7th price Winner National Ace Hen, N 14-824

13th Middledistance Championchip

15th Yearling Championship

17th Shortdistance Championship

19th Norwegian Championchip


National Results 2013

Jan Lindberg 1st FCI World Championchip

Snorre and Marianne

2nd National Ace Cock, N 11-265C "Esbjerger'n"

4th Norwegian Championchip

4th National Ace Hen, N 12-356H

5th Longdistance Championchip

5th National Ace Cock, N 12-574C

6th Middledistance Championchip

6th Young bird Championchip

6th National Ace Cock, N 11-704C

6th National Ace Hen, N 12-549H

7th Shortdistance Championchip

7th National Ace Hen, N 12-357H

8th National Ace Hen, 12-353H

9th Yearling Championchip

9th Sprint Championchip

10th National Ace Cock, N 12-567C

10th Sprinter of the Year, N 12-576H

11th National Ace Cock, N 12-340C

11th National Ace Young Bird, 13-433

12th National Ace Cock, N 12-364C

12th Sprinter of the Year, N 12-357H

12th National Ace Hen, N 12-545H

13th National Ace Hen, N 12-576H

14th National Ace Cock, N 12-546C

14th National Ace Hen, N 11-263


National Results 2012

Snorre and Marianne

1st Norwegian Championchip

1st Longdistance Championchip

1st National Ace Cock, N 10-946C "Milsluker'n"

2nd Shortdistance Championchip

2nd Middledistance Championchip

2nd Yearling Championchip

2nd National Ace Hen, 10-304H

5th National Ace Hen, N 09-54 "Ester"

5th National Ace Cock, N 11-270C

5th Youngbird Championchip

5th Sprint Championchip

5th National Ace Young bird, N 12-563

7th Spriter of the Year, N 11-270C

7th National Ace Hen, N 11-769H

10th National Ace Hen, N 11-638H

10th National Ace Young bird, N 12-564

11th National Ace Young bird, N 12-373

12th National Ace Young bird, N 12-351

12th National Ace Hen, N 10-550H

14th National Ace Cock, N 11-636C

15th National Ace Hen, N 10-953H


Jan Lindberg

7th Longdistance Championchip

11th Yearling Championchip

11th Sprint Championchip

15th Middledistance Championchip

19th Norwegian Championchip 

19th Shortdistance Championchip


National Results 2011

Snorre and Marianne

Winner of C.S. Pettersens Memorial. Speed 868,00 mpy from Soltau, 800 km, 16.07.11 by N 09-15024 "Elfpender."

1st Longdistance Championchip

1st Middledistance Championchip

1st International Scandinavian Ace Youngbird, N 11-281C

1st National Ace Cock, N 09-15024A "Elfpender"

2nd Norwegian Championchip

2nd Yearling Championchip

2nd National Ace Youngbird, N 11-317 "Luthien Tinuviel"

3rd International Scandinavian Longdistance Championchip, N 09-15024C "Elfpender"

3rd International Scandinavian Youngbird One Loft Championchip

4th Shortdistance Championchip

4th National Ace Hen, N 10-562U

5th Sprint Championchip

5th National Ace Hen, N 10-304U

5th National Ace Cock, N 07-643A

6th International Scandinavian Longdistance Championchip, N 07-643C

7th International Scandinavian Longdistance Championchip, N 10-305H

8th International Scandinavian Longdistance Championchip, N 09-1093C

13th International Scandinavian Championchip

14th National Ace Cock, N 10-575C

14th National Ace Youngbird, N 22-284

17th Youngbird Championchip


Jan Lindberg

8th Longdistance Championchip

15th Yearling Championchip

16th Norwegian Championchip

20th Middledistance Championchip

20th Youngbird Championchip

27th Shortdistance Championchip

60th Sprint Championchip 


National Results 2010


Snorre & Marianne

1st Norwegian Championchip

1st Shortdistance Championchip

1st Middledistance Championchip

1st Yearling Championchip

1st National Ace Hen, N 06-1079

1st Sprinter of the Year, N 06-1079

3rd Longdistance Championchip

3rd National Ace Hen, N 05-17518

3rd National Ace Youngbird, N 10-937

5th Sprinter of the Year, N 09-15025

7th Sprint Championchip

8th National Ace Hen, N 09-15025

8th & 9th Youngbird Championchip

15th National Ace Cock, N 09-15024

15th SBU One Loft Race


Jan Lindberg

4th Shortdistance Championchip

4th Yearlig Championchip

7th Norwegian Championchip

10th National Ace Cock, N 05-17468

13th Middledistance Championchip

13th Longdistance Championchip

13th Sprint Championchip

13 Youngbird Championchip


National Results 2009


5th International FCI World Championchip youngbirds

3rd Norwegian Championchip

3rd Ace Hen, N 07-575

4th Yearlig Championchip

4th Shortdistance Championchip

5th Ace Cock, N 07-618

5th Derby Yearlings, N 07-578

6th Derby Yearlings, N 07-575

8th Longdistance Championchip

8th, Sprinter of the year, N 07-575

9th Middledistance Championchip

9th Ace Hen, N 07-578

9th Derby Yearlings, N 07-617

10th Derby Yearlings, N 07-577

14th Youngbird Championchip

14th Ace Hen, N 06-645


National results 2007


Snorre og Marianne

3rd Ace Cock, N 06-686

3rd Ace Hen, N 06-705

5th Ace Hen, N 06-1088

6th Longdistance Championchip

6th Scandinavian One Loft Youngbirds, N 07-629.

8th Yearling Championchip

8th Ace Hen, N 06-1079

9th Ace Hen, N 06-683

17th Shortdistance Championchip

19th Youngbird Championchip

23rd Middledistance Championchip


K & J Lindberg

Winner of C.S. Pettersens Memorial. Speed 1387,09 mpy from Hamburg, 700 km, 15.07.07 by N 02-15767.

5th Longdistance Championchip

16th Middledistance Championchip

16th Youngbird Championchip

17th Shortdistance Championchip

18th Yearling Championchip

27th Norwegian Championchip


National Results 2006


Snorre og Marianne

1st Scandinavian Londistance Championchip

1st Longdistance Championchip

Winner og C.S. Pettersens Memorial. Speed 1032 mpy from Korgen, 700 km, 22.07.06 by N 03-16428.

2nd Scandinavian Championchip

2nd Norwegian Championchip

5th Yearling Derby, N 05-17499

6th Yearling Championchip

7th Middledistance Championchip

7th National Ace Hen N 05-17915

8th Shortdistance Championchip

11th National Ace Cock N 03-16428


Karin & Jan Lindberg

 1st Yearling Derby, 05-17470

3rd National Ace Hen, 05-17470

4th National Ace Hen, 02-15800

5th Sprinter of the year, 05-17470

5th Yearling Championchip

7th Schortdistance Championchip

14th National Ace Cock, ?.

15th Norwegian Championchip

15th Middledistance Championchip

17th Longdistance Championchip


National Results 2005


Snorre Lindberg 

2nd Longdistance Championchip

2nd Yearling Championchip

3rd Norwegian Championchip

3rd Derby Yearlings, N 04-17835

5th Østlandet National

5th National Ace Hen, N 03-16443

5th Middledistance Championchip

7th Derby Yearlings, N 04-17844

8th National Ace Hen, N 00-6069

9th Derby Yearlings, N 04-17838

13th Shortdistance Championchip

13th National Ace Cock, N 04-17863


Karin og Jan Lindberg

10th Yearling Championchip

12th Middledistance Championchip

34th Shortdistance Championchip

38th Norwegian Championchip


Marianne Walente 

15th Youngbird Championchip


National Results 2004 

Snorre Lindberg 

8th Østlandet National

15th Longdistance Championchip

17th Norwegian Championchip

23rd Youngbird Championchip

26th Shortdistance Championchip


Karin og Jan Lindberg

1st Middledistance Championchip

8th Longdistance Championchip

30th Norwegian Championchip


National Results 2003


Snorre Lindberg 

1st Østlandet National

5th Youngbird Championchip

7th Norwegian Championchip

8th Derby Yearlings, N 02-14889

16th Middledistance Championchip

21st Shortdistance Championchip

22nd Scandinavian Championchip

25th Longdistance Championchip

27th Yearling Championchip


Karin og Jan Lindberg

1st Middledistance Championchip

4th Youngbird Championchip

17th Derby Youngbirds, N 03-16366

24th Yearling Championchip

31st Shortdistance Championchip

56th Norwegian Championchip


National Results 2002

Fam. Lindberg 

1st Norwegian Championchip

Winner of Egil Berglands Wander Price over three years.

Winner of NBF's Silverpigeon

4th Middledistance Championchip

9th Longdistance Championchip

10th Schortdistance Championchip

18th Yearling Championchip

20th Youngbird Championchip

23rd Scandinavian Championchip


National Results 2001 

Fam. Lindberg

4th Norwegian Championchip

8th Middledistance Championchip