Broken Wing Broken Wing


N 03-16413

Strain: Lindberg/ Houben


Son basic cock ”Blåfanten” and Kjell Pretorius basic hen

100% prices as one and two year old, before he wounded his wing. Put in stock after that, tried to race him again as three year old but his wing was still bad, since that he has done well inn our breeding loft.


N 04-17851A: 7-11-11-14 (700 km) -22-51-58-68.

N 05-17509U: 30-33-44.

N 06-652U: 45-74.

N 06-653U: 18-33.

N 06-686A: 1-1-2-2-2-5-7-11-14-16-19-20-28-41-77. *1st Fed Ace Cock & 3rd National Ace Cock 2007*

N 07-608A: 6-11-15-24-27. Broken Wing øye

N 07-609A: 25-58.

N 08-540U: 11-18.

N 08-1043A: 8

N 09-571U: 25

N 09-15010A: 13-15-41-52.

N 10-572A: 1-4-14-16-17-20-34-32-35-37-73

N 10-954A: 8-21-35-45-50-60

N 11-265A: 1-2-8-15-50-52 (1st National Esbjerg 500 km) *1st Fed. Ace Cock & 2nd National Ace Cock '13*

N 11-266U: 15-46

N 12-377A: 30

N 13-397U: 13-40-41

N 13-440A: 40

N 13-441A: 31-33

N 14-902H: 9-13-21-49-115


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