GB 10 K 48020 Sun City


*World class breeding cock*

Strain: Clayburn Mr & Mrs B. (Soontjen/ Van Loon)


Full brother to "East of Eden" the 2009 Sun City Winner! The parents were always raced on France and had to cross the channel every race!

12-325: 6-40-52-66-94

12-326: 56

12-376U: 11-14-49-61-78

12-569: 19-26-39-42

N 12- 568 "Dallas Texas:" 16th in the 2013 SAMDPR finalcar race: 171-car race: 248-car race: 277-320-572-995-1145-1768-1863-1871-car race:1958-2173-2428-2497-2498-2547-2919-2973-car race: 2994-3376.

N 13-400U: 52-62

N 13-761A: PT1 15km 981/6096p, PT2 26km 4052/6099p, PT3 26km 3708/5967p, T1 39km 3797/5955p, T2 46km 4387/5791p, T3 51km 3590/5706p, T4 51km 3406/5651p.Sun City Eye

N 13-762A: 27-47-55













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